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Q&A With Manager Derek Loomans

Posted: July 27, 2015

With the sudden departure of promising young manager Chad Langley earlier this season, the A’s began the hunt for a new manager to head the rest of the 2015 campaign. Former Lakeland Muskie and current Sheboygan A, Derek Loomans was called to duty. After taking over the team earlier this season, Loomans has led the A’s to a 24-11 record. There are always big shoes to fill when taking on the managerial position for the Sheboygan A’s, but Loomans has held his own and has settled in nicely.

Recently, A’s intern Trent Keitel had the opportunity to sit down and ask Manager Loomans a few questions.

Q: Why did you want to step in as manager of the A’s?

A: I took the role out of necessity. I knew Chad was unable to continue at that time, so I contacted him asking if there was any way he could return later this season. He said there was a possibility, so I told him I would step in until he was able to return. Chad received a different coaching position for the summer almost immediately, which was of no surprise given his knowledge and ability, so I took over for the remaining part of the summer.

Q: Do you enjoy the responsibility of being the manager?

A: This season has been unique as far as management responsibility goes. I do like having the responsibility because of the players we have this summer. Many of the things that we do on the bases and throughout our at bats I have entrusted the players with making the right decision. A lot of our guys have a great understanding of the game and what they are comfortable doing, and I let them do it.

Q: Have you settled into your role as the manager? How do you like being the manager?

A: I feel like I have started to settle in a bit. Being my first season as the manager, I have been learning every day and trying to carry those lessons over to the next day. We have a great group of guys this season, and I enjoy sharing this experience with them.

Q: How do you plan to uphold the strong tradition of Sheboygan A’s managers?

A: Clearly there have been some great managers in A’s history as evidenced by Dave Moyer heading into the Hall of Fame this season, and Tyler Martin leading us to a championship last year. I certainly aspire to accomplish the same type of success that many before me have had. I try to stay true to who I am and what I believe will make our team successful, and trust in the ability of the players we have. We have a close group of very talented players who understand the game; my job is simply to allow them to use their ability.

Q: How is your relationship with previous manager Chad Langley?

A: Ever since I joined the A’s halfway through the 2012 season I’ve enjoyed playing and discussing the game with Chad. He is a very smart and gifted baseball player who knows the game very well. He had outstanding success here in Sheboygan and at Marian, and he was the type of player who did something that would help the team win night in and night out. He is a good friend of mine, and I still consult with him regularly to try to gain as much of his perspective on baseball as I can. He is certainly a baseball player and coach that I have the utmost respect for.

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