Sheboygan's Favorite Mascot, A1

Sheboygan A's mascot, A1

Sheboygan's favorite mascot, A1, enters his 24th season in 2020 as the Sheboygan A's mascot. For 24 years, A1 has been entertaining the fans at Wildwood Park and leading them in cheers as they cheer on the A's. Unfortunately for A1, he is also known as being a record holder - for most losses in mascot race history. Either way, he loves being at Wildwood Park and interacting with the fans. He also has the self-proclaimed honor of being the number one mascot in both the Wisconsin State League and Northeastern Wisconsin Baseball League (despite the fact that he is the only mascot).

A1 welcomes you to Wildwood Baseball Park and hopes to see you all season long as the A's aspire to win a championship!