Wildwood Baseball Park

Home of the Sheboygan A's

Sheboygan A's Baseball

Built in 1981, Wildwood Baseball Park is home to the Sheboygan A's, Sheboygan American Legion, Sheboygan North and Sheboygan South baseball programs. Additionally, Wildwood Baseball Park also hosts occasional youth games for the Sheboygan Diamonds, collegiate tournaments and more.


2276 New Jersey Ave., Sheboygan, WI 53081

For everybody's safety and enjoyment, the Sheboygan A's ask all fans to abide by the rules and procedures outlined below.

  1. For their own safety and for everyone else's enjoyment, children must walk, not run, in the seating and concourse areas.
  2. All foul balls must be returned to the A's. Children are not to chase foul balls hit into the parking lot or street. The club has ball-chasers.
  3. You must be 21 years of age to purchase alcoholic beverages at A's games.
  4. Please do not litter. As you leave the stadium, use the containers and barrels for your trash.
  5. Smoking is not allowed inside the stadium.
  6. You and your car are here at your own risk. The A's are not responsible for broken windshields and dents or personal injuries incurred by batted or thrown balls. Stay alert; watch the game. If you see the ball coming, it is unlikely that you will get hurt.
  7. Only authorized personnel are allowed in the dugout area. Players will be available for autographs and pictures before and after games, not during games.
  8. The concessions stand will close in the last inning. Ask a Sheboygan Athletic Club member about the 10th inning.
  9. Pre-game tailgating is allowed at Wildwood Baseball Park. Please dispose of all trash in the proper trash bins.
  10. Carry-ins are not permitted within the park.
  11. Pets are not permitted in the park at any time.
  12. Inning and Door Prizes are awarded on the basis of numbers on the game programs which are available at the ticket booth located at the main entrance of the stadium. On-field Games and contests are open to fans, but they must sign up at the fan services center as they enter the park.
  13. Promotional (free) tickets are not eligible for upgrades at the Ticket Office. Persons wishing to upgrade to a different seating area will need to pay full price for the new ticket.

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