11 Michael Casper

  • Position:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Bats:
  • Throws:
  • Hometown:
    Green Bay, WI
  • Professional Experience:
    Kansas City Royals (A)
  • Hall of Fame Induction Year:


1994Sheboygan A’s30484581030110301300000.2220.271
1995Sheboygan A’s17141232100120500100.1670.286
1996Sheboygan A’s000000000000000000
1997Sheboygan A’s000000000000000000
1998Sheboygan A’s000000000000000000
1999Sheboygan A’s000000000000000000
2000Sheboygan A’s000000000000000000
2001Sheboygan A’s192200000000100000.0000.000
2002Sheboygan A’s000000000000000000
2003Sheboygan A’s000000000000000000


1994Sheboygan A’s164046.2584282121453104.0546.6667
1995Sheboygan A’s1311467.1937544234434705.6167.3333
1996Sheboygan A’s1710791.1888432333826322.2791.3333
1997Sheboygan A’s1312686.1845312625808102.7186.3333
1998Sheboygan A’s44230.230114913352202.6430.6667
1999Sheboygan A’s181514121.2112642322713313232.37121.6667
2000Sheboygan A’s201512112.280223193512813231.52112.6667
2001Sheboygan A’s191411111.299130233213410431.85111.6667
2002Sheboygan A’s18148102.29144429331146512.54102.6667
2003Sheboygan A’s108562591332122494303.0562

Five times the Sheboygan A’s Most Valuable Pitcher and three times the Wisconsin State League Pitcher of the Year, Michael Casper becomes the 19th member of the Hall of Fame, but only the eighth to be inducted in his first year of eligibility.

A 10-year A’s veteran, Casper was the go-to pitcher in some of the biggest years in A’s history. He was 8-1 for the 1997 championship team and 13-2 on the 2000 team.

He had a 36-8 record from 1991-2001.

What set Casper apart, though, was not so much what he did, but that his class, style, and intensely competitive demeanor made everybody on the ball club play harder. He was the catalyst.

In his 10 years with the A’s (1994-2003), the A’s were 328-205. In his prime years, the club was 219-77.

Casper came to the A’s from New Holstein High School and played through his college years at UW-Milwaukee. He signed a pro contract in 1998 and played in the Kansas City Royals chain but returned to the A’s and was the best pitcher in the league from 1999 through 2001. He went 13-2, 13-2 and 10-4 in those three years. He was the league’s Pitcher of the Year all three of those seasons, leading the league in strikeouts and innings pitched in all three of the years.

He holds two one season records (14 complete games shared with Bob Sauger) and 13 victories (twice) and two career records (69 complete games, 13 shutouts). He trails only Tom Eckhardt in strikeouts, victories and saves. His career record is 69-30.

He led the club in appearances five times, innings pitched six, strikeouts six, earned run average four and, wins three.

Casper now resides in Green Bay with his wife Irene and son Cal, 2.