32 Gene Mand

  • Position:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Bats:
  • Throws:
  • Hometown:
    Manitowoc, WI
  • College:
    University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
  • Hall of Fame Induction Year:


1971Sheboygan A’s301251122332541171302000200.2860.360
1972Sheboygan A’s3313511327431031172101910200.3810.474
1973Sheboygan A’s421751512439724232213110000.2580.354
1974Sheboygan A’s371671363954824412522740000.3970.485
1975Sheboygan A’s412851473648738373622000100.3270.465
1976Sheboygan A’s401711322529206173612720200.2200.386
1977Sheboygan A’s3615412927441123202302620300.3410.435
1978Sheboygan A’s381641393346945352133710100.3310.427
1979Sheboygan A’s3515413326461512231812620200.3460.422
1980Sheboygan A’s3313211536441402231511810100.3830.455
1981Sheboygan A’s4721017454597114513023030100.3390.435
1982Sheboygan A’s4318816143537116522112341000.3290.401
1983Sheboygan A’s482011734052906442512120100.3010.388
1984Sheboygan A’s47201161546613010473232050100.4100.502
1985Sheboygan A’s54231203667211018732512020300.3550.424
1986Sheboygan A’s482031804262712322002430200.3440.404
1987Sheboygan A’s49211182366715012642503331000.3680.438
1988Sheboygan A’s6023520147641313402822940100.3180.400
1989Sheboygan A’s502021722949618402431930000.2850.376
1990Sheboygan A’s33117941229601182011520000.3090.427
1991Sheboygan A’s562261953350624472903120100.2560.350
1992Sheboygan A’s572332063863803332423910410.3060.382
1993Sheboygan A’s491921642452804272112010420.3170.396
1994Sheboygan A’s391481322431300141312211100.2350.306
1995Sheboygan A’s421331111124500152102101000.2160.341


1971Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1972Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1973Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1974Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1975Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1976Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1977Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1978Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1979Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1980Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1981Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1982Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1983Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1984Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1985Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1986Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1987Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1988Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1989Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1990Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1991Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1992Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1993Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1994Sheboygan A’s000000000000000
1995Sheboygan A’s000000000000000

The Legend. That is what they call Gene Mand, and for good reason. When Gene Mand retired after the 1995 season he had played 25 seasons with the A’s and was the holder of 21 A’s records — two one game records, two one season records and 17 career records. In his 25 years, he played in 1,087 games, went to the plate 4,413 times, scored 849 runs, collected 1,218 hits and drove in 550 runs. Of his hits, 212 were doubles and 137 were home runs. Mand was selected as the A’s Most Valuable player seven times, 1972-74, ’77, ’80, ’82 and ’84. He still holds the single season home run record, 18, and shares the RBI record, 83, both set in his big 1985 season. He hit .300 or better 18 times including 12 straight from 1977 through 1988. He hit .410 in 1984 and .397 in 1974. He hit 10 or more home runs in five different seasons. He also holds 17 Wisconsin State League career records, after finishing his 25 year WSL career with a .299 average.