Sheboygan A's Baseball

Buffalo Joe Band To Play At Grand Opening

Posted: April 27, 2011

Sheboygan’s popular Buffalo Joe Band will play at the Grand Opening Celebration of the newly renovated Wildwood Baseball Park.

Beginning at noon on June 4th, the Sheboygan A’s will be hosting a brat fry, along with entertainment, opening ceremonies and park tours. These events precede the Sheboygan A’s 4:00 P.M. match-up against the Chicago Clout.

Buffalo Joe BandAbout Buffalo Joe Band:
In the middle of the U.S., a most unusual thing happened. During the last half of the 20th century in the most unlikely of places…Sheboygan, Wisconsin, music, however contemporary for its time, always found a welcome home and enthusiastic nursery with those passionate about it.

Under the generous umbrella of “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, a “family” of musicians grew, learned, performed and played together. The boundary between music as business and music as recreation was lost, and many combination’s of percussionists, guitarist, vocalists, keyboardists, and even wind instrumentalists came together in various combination’s to produce original, and reproduce covers of popular music with proliferation.

Many, if not most of those musicians at one time or another became associated with “The Buffalo Joe Band”.

Begun in 1973 by Scott (“Joe”) Hildebrand and Jack (“Buffalo”) Jensen, the group has changed, evolved, waxed and waned, but like the Buffalo, always found a way to survive. And in this first part of the 21st century, with founding member Scott Hildebrand leading the herd, the tradition continues.

The Sheboygan A's are members of the Wisconsin State League and Northeastern Wisconsin Baseball League. The A's have helped develop more than 43 players that have reached professional baseball, including 2002 World Series Champion Jarrod Washburn (Anaheim Angels). All Sheboygan A's home games are played at Wildwood Baseball Park in Sheboygan. Connect with the A's on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.